Bethesda Launches Major Update for Fallout 76 - Games (2024)

Key Takeaways

  • ⁤ Fallout 76 has ‍been updated‌ with a substantial 20GB patch, introducing bug fixes and gameplay ⁤enhancements due to a rise⁢ in player numbers.
  • The update brings Quality of ​Life improvements such as a Max option for⁢ NPC trading, an alphabetical list of world ⁢activities, and updated​ weapon statistics.⁤
  • Fallout 4 has also experienced a boost in player numbers due​ to the popularity of the ​Fallout TV⁣ series, ‌leading to⁣ the⁤ release of a next-gen upgrade⁤ and new content.

Bethesda has rolled out a hefty 20GB update for Fallout‌ 76, primarily‍ aimed at rectifying game ⁣bugs. The developer ​has shifted its focus towards the game following a ⁣spike in player numbers, releasing patches ⁤to⁣ enhance gameplay and the overall user experience.

Fallout 76 is the only online-only ⁣game ⁤in the Fallout series⁢ and serves as a prequel. ‌Launched in 2018, the game‍ initially received⁤ mixed​ reviews and sold less than ⁢its predecessors, Fallout 4 and ⁤ Fallout: New Vegas. However, the popularity of the Fallout TV series led to a surge ⁣in player​ numbers across all games.‍ Fallout 76 recorded over 1 million concurrent players, indicating that ⁣the ‌online ⁢game is more active than ever.‌

The resurgence in popularity led Bethesda to scrutinize the game more closely and address​ various bugs in a new update for Fallout 76. The update is ⁣substantial, ⁢clocking ​in at about 20 ⁣GB on consoles. The bug fixes range from standardizing the status and description of the Father Winter Helmet equipment to rectifying the Sins of the Father quest, which could be obstructed based ⁣on the player’s choice. However, ​it remains​ uncertain whether this update resolves the “Post⁢ Player Join Failed” error in​ Fallout 76.

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The⁣ user experience has been significantly improved with several updates. These include the addition of a maximum option when purchasing from and​ selling to⁤ non-player characters ⁢(NPCs), an⁣ alphabetical sorting feature for ​the ⁢World Activity list, and an improved inventory‍ scrollbar. Additionally, a ⁣new “Ammo‌ Per ‌Shot”‍ stat entry ⁤has ‌been added to weapons, providing players with more detailed information ‌about their arsenal.

Weapon Adjustments

Several modifications have been made to the⁤ Cremator and its ⁤mods. Initially, the ⁢Cremator was released with a⁢ bug that resulted ‌in it being more‌ powerful than intended ‌due to the way damage was calculated ​with its explosion. This bug ⁢led to players with certain perks and mods dealing much higher⁤ damage than intended. This bug​ has now been fixed,​ resulting in a decrease ⁣in⁢ damage for that specific setup.‍ However, several⁣ tweaks and ⁤changes have ‍been made⁣ to buff the ⁤Cremator in different ways. Now, the ‍Damage Over‍ Time⁤ (DoT) should be a formidable force.

Seasonal Events

In terms of seasonal events,‍ recipes and some items dropped by these events will continue‍ to drop even after you have learned them. These items ⁣are now also ⁢tradable, making it easier ⁢for you to acquire all ⁣the plans ⁢you desire!

Fallout 76 Overview

Fallout 76 is a part of the renowned Fallout franchise. It was released on November 14, 2018, and ‌is available on platforms such as PC, PS4,‌ and Xbox One. ​Developed and published by Bethesda, ⁤this action RPG offers‌ online multiplayer gameplay. The game is powered by the⁣ Creation engine and is ⁢rated M for Mature ⁢due to its‌ depiction of blood and gore, drug​ reference,⁢ intense violence, ⁣strong⁣ language, and use ⁢of alcohol. On average, it takes about 34 hours‌ to beat the game. As of ​April ⁤2024, the ⁢file size for⁣ Xbox​ Series is 96 ⁣GB. The game ‍has a ⁢Metascore​ of 53 and is available on ‍PS Plus as⁣ Extra & Premium. You can purchase the game on Steam, Xbox Games ⁤Store, Amazon, and the Playstation⁢ Store.

Bethesda Launches Major Update for Fallout 76 - Games (2024)


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